Exercising the Kegel muscles is relatively simple, but the first step to having healthy Kegels is isolating this particular muscle group.


To locate your Kegels and begin a regimen of Kegel exercise, stop your urine mid-flow while in the bathroom. The muscles that stop the flow are your Kegel muscles. Doing this will help you locate the muscle, and it is also the basic way to flex it as well.

  • With an empty bladder, lie on your side and repeat this tensing of the Kegel muscle until you feel that you’ve isolated it.
  • Be sure that you are not tightening your abdominal, thigh, and buttocks muscles; try to keep the focus only on your Kegel muscle.
  • After you’ve perfected focusing on your Kegels, you can then begin the typical Kegel exercise routine of 12-second cycles where you contract for 6 seconds and then relax for 6 seconds. This should be repeated 25 times over 5 minutes in 3 daily sessions.
  • This number can rise to 50 times in the second week, and 75 times in the third. By the third week, it is recommended to increase the number again to reach 100, equaling a total of 300 contractions a day.

The standard Kegel exercise has fantastic health benefits, but even though the number of daily contractions can eventually be reduced to 150, few women have time for such a dedicated routine.

Furthermore, around 1/3 of women have difficulty isolating the correct set of vaginal muscles for effective Kegel exercise, which obviously limits the results.

Author: Angela Carruthers

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